Will Prep4Pro affect my college eligibility?

Simply put, no. The Prep4Pro program has been reviewed by NCAA compliance officers to ensure that player eligibility is not affected.

Prep4Pro aims to supplement the development of players whether it is before, during, or after college by putting them in a top-level professional environment. Prep4Pro provides players with the opportunity to experience the day-to-day of a professional player and give them the chance to impress with a direct line to scouts, coaches and managers in the professional game when they are ready.

Is Prep4Pro a way for me to bypass college and get straight to a European club?

It certainly can be. Prep4Pro is all about identifying talent, evaluating it and next step recommendations. For some players that will mean a college scholarship, for others it could mean leaving our program and gaining a professional contract, while some may receive honest feedback on where they can further develop to meet their goals.

All players coming through the Prep4Pro program will know exactly where they stand in their careers, their potential next steps and where they can improve so that they can weigh up their career options with realism.

Why do Prep4pro charge a fee and what does it cover?

Our aim of providing an experienced coaching staff, professional training facilities, player equipment and accommodation means there are inevitable costs in order to host our program. It is also important, for the benefit of all involved, that we only attract serious players who are prepared to make a significant commitment to their goals. Players that are prepared to back their own talent to succeed will see that we offer our own commitment and knowledge in return.

If you win a professional contract through your participation in Prep4Pro we are happy to refund your fees in full.

How does Prep4Pro differ from a regular trial or combine?

First and foremost, Prep4Pro is a development program. Our aim is to take you on a journey that will immerse you in the culture of the professional game, build on your natural ability and get you game ready – physically, culturally and mentally. Our FA licensed coaches will teach you what coaches, scouts and managers are really looking for. Then, the Prep4Pro program will allow the players to show what they have in games and training throughout the six days.

While conventional trials and combines operate on a principle of generating fees through a sheer number of players, Prep4Pro is fully committed to the principle of only admitting players that have a level of ability we can work with and a legitimate chance of success.