Jon Parker & RōBEX

We are thrilled to bring on RōBEX as a 2019 Prep4Pro sponsor. Together, we’re looking to fulfill their promise of “Uncommon Experience and Expertise” on the soccer pitch.

RōBEX CEO Jon Parker co-founded the company with Kevin Conti in 2015, and like Prep4Pro he is a firm believer in developing his team to reach their full potential.


Lee Manheim & AESC Commercial Roofing

Having worked in commercial roofing for over 20 years, Lee Manheim branched out on his own to start AESC Commercial Roofing. Now serving Virginia and the Carolina’s, AESC Commercial Roofing has been working with commercial and industrial businesses for over 12 years. Offering roof repair, commercial roof coatings, and roof replacements Manheim and AESC have played an important role for businesses along the east coast.


Gari Wyatt & Proseal

Having emigrated from England to Virginia as the CEO of Proseal America, Gari Wyatt is in the perfect position to consider the pros and cons of how US soccer and European football is taught, played and promoted.

In his native England, Gari was immersed in the game as a regular at Leicester City’s Filbert Street from the age of two, before playing Rugby Union at the highest club level. He has also watched on as his boys experienced the academy system in England.