Our mentor program will offer players the opportunity to form a relationship with our coaches that enables them to further their professional development on and off the field through an open and honest dialogue.

Mentor Program Structure (When signed to the program)

  • Pairs a player with a suitable coach based on experience and career stage
  • Email and call access for guidance, support and feedback
  • In-depth references from the assigned mentor
  • Access to an expanded network (Scouts, Coaches and Managers)

Key Benefits for the Player

  • Will educate the player on how to accept feedback in important areas, such as communication, technical abilities, change management, and leadership
  • Helps the player take better control of his or her career through their relationship with coaches who want to help them succeed
  • Allows the coaches to work with players who are at different stages in their careers, giving them specific, tailored guidance
  • Helps each player better understand football’s culture and unspoken rules. This can be critical for success
  • Builds player’s self-confidence allowing them to speak up and voice opinions in appropriate manner

Benefits to the Prep4Pro Coaches & Mentors

  • Helps develop the Prep4Pro program’s overall leadership provision while building each coach and mentor’s skills-base and network
  • Reinforces the coach/mentor’s ability to work effectively with different personalities
  • Provides the opportunity for the coach/mentor to practice important skill sets, (such as addressing players’ concerns)

Benefits for the Prep4Pro Program


  • Highlights what Prep4Pro is committed to providing for its players and coaches
  • Encourages the players to take away key information from the coaches/mentors in attendance
  • Builds a network of ambitious players that are developing the right attributes and mentality to flourish within the professional game
  • Establishes a positive work environment that encourages learning
  • Promotes cooperation and a team-based environment between players and coaches within the program