SPONSOR PROFILE: Lee Manheim & AESC Commercial Roofing

Having worked in commercial roofing for over 20 years, Lee Manheim branched out on his own to start AESC Commercial Roofing. Now serving Virginia and the Carolina’s, AESC Commercial Roofing has been working with commercial and industrial businesses for over 12 years. Offering roof repair, commercial roof coatings, and roof replacements Manheim and AESC have played an important role for businesses along the east coast.

Based in Chesterfield, Virginia and a father within a soccer family, Manheim has spent 15 years watching his kids go through the soccer system in the US. His son Jesse is currently a part of the Prep4Pro GK program run by Richmond Kickers goalkeeper coach, Adrian Clewlow and Manheim has not only seen his son’s love for the game grow over the past two years while working with Clewlow, but also his abilities as a player.

“To watch Jesse grow has been a good journey, Prep4Pro’s goalkeeper program can help take him through to the next level. It provides the type of training that will help him get into a college or potentially what is next, at a pro level.”

Manheim sees value in the Prep4Pro program for his son as an upcoming goalkeeper but also for players looking to continue their journey into the professional game. “Prep4Pro is an all-inclusive program that myself and my family want to stand behind. It gives players who may be overlooked an opportunity to show they are good enough and puts them in front of coaches who are there to provide opportunities and also help players develop their ability.”