Ever wanted to play in Europe? Have you dreamed of playing abroad and wondered what it would be like to play in the Champions League or Europa Cup?



Have you struggled with the decision of whether to go professional or go to college? Stuck trying to decide between doing what you love and having the safety of education?

We have a solution

Through Prep4Pro’s affiliation with the University of Gibraltar, we are able to provide a limited number of students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration or Masters Degree in Business Administration, while signing for a European professional football club. 

Play in Europe without the risk of losing your NCAA eligibility

When you play in Gibraltar, you can sign an amateur soccer contract and if you decide to transfer back to the United States, at any time while earning your degree, you will still qualify to play in NCAA and receive scholarship.

Save time to advance your career

You will graduate one year faster than you would from American universities, in just 3 years.

Save money

University of Gibraltar is less expensive than a public American university. For the Bachelor of Business Administration, one year of tuition is approximately $16,305, compared to the US public university average of $20,770. All tuition fees are charged in GBP, further information can be found on their website www.unigib.edu.gi. Students may also qualify for educational assistance programs to further reduce expenses.

Climate is conducive for year-round training and play

Gibraltar is the Southern tip of Western Europe, located on the Mediterranean Sea.

International Business Experience and potential to remain in Gibraltar after the completion of the program.

Internships and job placements are emphasized during the coursework.

Small class sizes

All University of Gibraltar class sizes are small. No big lecture rooms.

Gain Life Experience by living in Europe

Culture, Language and Proximity – Morocco, Spain and Beyond.

No language barrier

English is the primary language spoken in Gibraltar.

Experience Prep4Pro in Gibraltar

Sign for one of Gibraltar’s professional teams – With the potential to play in the Champions League and Europe League competition

 Train and continue to develop under the direction of P4P Coaching Director Davie Wilson former Gibraltar national team manager.

Obtain your Civilian Registration Card (Residency Permit) in Gibraltar while you earn your undergraduate degree or Master’s Degree.

Start your journey in professional football with guidance and career management with P4P.

Leverage your BBA status to gain access to a post-study work visa of up to two years.

Interested? Here’s how it works


Apply for Prep4Pro’s Williamsburg Program in 2020

Apply Now


Apply for admission at University of Gibraltar for the fall 2020 term

How to Apply to the University of Gibraltar


Once accepted by both organizations, you will be eligible for one of the limited spaces in our partnership program with the University of Gibraltar.


Final evaluations take place at the Williamsburg program in June where offers are extended based on performance.